Saturday, January 01, 2005


Strange art

I note the artist is quoted as saying, after counting coins at the end of one exhibit, that "Crime doesn't pay, but punishment does."

Browser Security Test

Test your web browser for security issues

I passed on Firefox [8 items checked] as well as with a tweaked and patched IE 6.0 SP1 [20 items checked].

IRIS Seismic Monitor

Earthquake info / location / intensity widget

Err, uh... The person who made this is a Fucktard

But not as big of a Fucktard as the person who buys it.
NCBuy Weird News: Artist Selling His Snot Ball For $20K

Banished Words List :: 2005

From Lake Superior State University, please find the Banished Words List :: 2005

Friday, December 31, 2004

This site was more fun when it was less organized

Yet, still presented for your approval. Or not. I don't care, I think it is amusing. Bum Wines

Probably the only money I give to China

And, with a smile on my face. They are legal here in Texas, and New Years means blowing several hundred dollars on Black Cat fireworks. Mostly mortars. Stinks of gunpower around here. Woot!

Girl, I didn't know you could get down like that

Independent Woman - played by kittens - Joel Veitch, music by Elbow
And yes, I know that this is ancient, and that there is newer stuff at, but I still like this one.


Credit to Sean Gleeson for the widget

Santa Santa Santa Badger Style

I don't get the original either, but here for your holiday amusement is Santa Santa Santa Badger Style

Hat tip

Tip of the hat to Steve's Blog for the mention of Visual Consumer in his blog

Roger L. Simon: Mystery Novelist and Screenwriter

This is one of the blogs I check at least once daily. I found it linked through a post he made on Memeorandum, which is also worth a daily look

I know this is old

But now they sell refrigerator magnets at the Church Sign Generator web site

Yeah, the site is in German

Stop whining about that and go make yourself a funny fake ID

Damn those greedy corporations and Wall St. villains!

The little rat bastards got together and are donating $95 Million in aid to tsunami victims.

Odd bribery for viewership from PBS?

PBS Program Club: Start a Club and they will send you a gift basket from

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Windows Files Database

WTF is that process? Go look it up at Windows Files Database

What a doofus

Why would the US band with a few other countries to co-ordinate delivering aid to the tsunami victims, instead of going through the UN? Hmm... Perhaps because of little things like the multi-billion dollar Oil for Food scam? Anyway, this whiney internationalist idiotarian is objecting.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tsunami image overload - News - Once In A Lifetime: Tsunami Images

Second try at the HP holiday card

Holiday Greetings

Humor mixing Iraq and the biased MSM reporting on it

Can be found here

This moonbat needs punching in the face

You knew the lefty idiotarians would find a way to blame Bush for the earthquake and tidal waves.