Sunday, February 20, 2005

Why Do We Overcommit?

A project manager I know is getting a copy of Why Do We Overcommit? in her email.

Time for a rant...

A major sandwich chain has a store within our local WallyMart. And it is not McD's, which is odd. I digress.

I like this particular chain of shops. I've eaten at locations from 57th & Lex in Manhattan to Albuquerque, NM. Not bad stuff. The staff just has to follow the simple rules and stack stuff like the pictures / instructions show.

Enter the newly hired 'tard employee. Imagine two index cards. The instructions say to stack the ingredients in alignment with the bread. The 'tard says "Mggunh!!!" and goes 90 degrees off.

You also have a single choice: Your sandwich will be toasted, or it will be toasted.

I related this incident to a co-worker, who asked me why I didn't correct the 'tard.

Clearly, he has not dealt with 'tard fury.

Back in Houston, at a Randall's, I once informed a 'tard bagger that I wanted paper. Not plastic. The horriffic response, including the store filling howl from a maw full of decayed teeth, still haunts me.

I also once witnessed two 'tards in Mortal Combat over the state of a damaged bascart. And was asked repeatedly, as punishment for trying to calm that dispute, if I'd ever seen a donkey.

They are special. Let's confine them to the Special 'tardlympics, and quit putting them in my face.

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