Saturday, January 27, 2007

I could see this becoming popular at work...


Driving in Iraq

Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software

Japanese Pilot Training...

Acting on orders from the Mexican Mafia, Latino gang members in Southern California are terrorizing and killing blacks.

Ethnic Cleansing in L.A.

Matrix Rampage

Can you survive the onslaught of agents? Use guns and swords, slam through floors and walls, throw office furniture and everything else you can get a hold of to defeat as many agents as you can. Matrix Rampage

Harder than it looks

The Missile Game 3D


Many more here

How did life begin? What's the universe made of? Why do we sleep? 42* of the biggest questions in science.

Interesting read from Wired

Are Saudis waging an oil-price war on Iran?

A great read from MSNBC

The horror!!!



Fake a phone call easily and credibly!

With Popularity Dialer you can plan ahead. Via a web interface, you can choose to have your phone called at a particular time (or several times). At the elected time, your phone will be dialed and you will hear a prerecorded message that's one half of a conversation. Thus, you will be prompted to have a fake conversation and will easily fool those around you.


Insane Japanese Obstacle Course

unnyo 「うんにょ」 : Soft and tender poop, but not diarrehea. It comes out when you are feel some indigestion. Yellow-ish or light brown in color.

This "fascinating" information, and much more, can be found at JapanProbe

You WILL respect his opinion, or else...

Chuck Norris weekly opinion column at WorldNetDaily