Saturday, November 26, 2005

Rock on, my brother

A little does of reverse discrimination, Candid Camera style

Reverse Discrimination

I guarantee you will find something annoying here

So I made this web page to store all my madness

Make your car sound like any car you want

My Cartel Is Bigger Than Your Cartel

How we can screw OPEC.

More messed-up toys

Krypt Kiddies Home

This was a stupid idea to start with, but taking pictures of it and putting them on the web was dumber

Klingon Wedding

Flash WTF?!?!

Spoilsbury Toast Boy -2 :: By David Firth

This is so wrong but so funny!

Family Guy - Last one to puke gets pie video clip

Alibi Network - alibi services and excuses for absences and discreet relationships and extramarital affairs

Alibi Network Listmania! - View List "Bad Gifts to Give a 2 Year Old" Listmania! - View List "Bad Gifts to Give a 2 Year Old"

Flipbook Printer is a program that lets you make your own printed "Flipbooks" from avi movie files using business cards.

Flipbook Printer - Mouser - Software -

Find unsecured webcams using Google

Unsecure networks + Google = fun - Graffë Forums
Hint: Just Google this: inurl:"ViewerFrame?Mode="

Extreme Beverage Testers take on:

Jones Soda 2005 Regional and National Holiday Packs

Virtual desktops for Windows

Dexpot - program details and screenshots

Make your own holograms

INTEGRAF--How to Make Holograms

Some people shouldn't be allowed to own camcorders #2

movies, Ding-Dang-Bing-Boom-Bang

Proxy Bypasser - -= Krypt0ni4n =-

Proxy Bypasser - -= Krypt0ni4n =-

Design something, send the design, and they make it with a water jet machine

Big Blue Saw - Home

Hackery to modify a webcam

Infra Red Webcam

IVR Cheat Sheet by Paul English

IVR Cheat Sheet by Paul English: "Here are the secret numbers and tips to bypass IVR phone menus to get to a human."

Christmas lights taken to a whole new level

The Wizards of Winter - Google Video

Upgrade the firmware and make your WRT54G do some pretty amazing things

The Open Source WRT54G Story

Videos - water balloons being popped on the Vomit Comet [low gravity]

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to see a water balloon pop in space?

How NOT to keep your bird feeder away from black bears (a series of photos)

Log Cabin Chronicles

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Once again, Japanese oddness

FARTING WOMAN2 MARINA SUZUKI She is very famous in some fetish videos, magazine at Japan .But she said, she was shy what her farts are took by video-cameraman But she said,"My farts is greatest". WE WILL SELL SOON!!

Sodipodi is a vector-based drawing program, like CorelDraw® or Adobe Illustrator® from the proprietary software world, and Sketch or Karbon14 from the

Sodipodi works under most versions of Unix and Windows

Zombiegrinder 60000

Game time

I'm speechless

Twisted Toy Store

Devo Action Figures?

Yep, shipping in March of 2006

Alex Trabeck doesn't get this one...

....but you might

Dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms of the UK

Dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms of the UK

Best Tool For the Job

Make Your PC Work (not look) More Like a Mac

The Ten Evilest and Mostly Unethical Blogging Hacks

A Jack of All Blogs

Make yourself a custom warning label

Warning Label Generator

Handy audio for annoying nearby cube dwellers

Sound 101 :: Bad Vibes Horrible Sounds

Bust out the tinfoil headband

Vaccination, The Silent Genocide by Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, M.D (Nov. 14, 2005)

What the F*** is this all about?


Interesting statistics, including income distribution

Human Development Trends 2005

You just know Scarface made this list...

Top Ten Violent Death Scenes

What tha?!?!?!?!

The Special dEaD - Sometimes Heroes Ride the Short Bus

Atlantic and Pacific herring create high-frequency sounds by releasing air from their anuses

Herring Break Wind to Communicate, Study Suggests