Sunday, August 13, 2006


Nuclear war starting on August 22nd?

They are certainly not the only ones predicting it. An article from Pravda weighing in on the subject.

I just changed my homepage from Google to...

Lots of Google options on one site.

I guess this could come in handy if you were in Australia?

The official Australian government toilet map

Strangely interesting

Electron microscope image of the sharpest manmade thing

I was rather surprised to see this

An online support group for children of hoarders

10 Coolest Concept Cars

I'll take the Scion

This is just wrong. So of course I posted it.

Probably not a good idea to play this one at work. You were warned.

How much of a freak are you?

Take this test and find out.

Seems a bit one sided

This site, Project Censored, allegedly lists the top censored news stories of 2006. Odd that all the "censored" stories have a right wing conspiracy theme.

User rated links to sites with tons of games

Also check out the main site for many lists of other links

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