Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Mission

Jack Bauer

Concerned about WGA?

Remove WGA

If you’re reading this, you’re one of two people...

The kind of stuff that makes COS folks go bonkers

....ten celebs that in their heyday could totally f**k up a bathroom

Blowing Out The Hopper

Deployed to Iraq, not enough Internet access?

Time to build a Hajjinet

Few games make me laugh out loud

Real Rad Riding did.

Provide a cell number, date, time, and txt message, and this sends it

oh, don't forget

It has been deployed


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Making money isn't easy...


Sex sells

Scruffs - Hardcore

Undeniably, this beverage is the choice of street aristocrats everywhere.

The Colt .45 Experience

The official website of...

Multi-National Force, Iraq

Weird Facts...

about some common products

Classic, American invented widgets

Widget Broker

Nicely done animation

Cocotte Minute

This site will call any phone number in the US/Canada and read the TextToSay to that phone number.


I think I'll skip this, thanks

You've found your new home for Cornhole on the web!