Saturday, June 10, 2006

On June 3, 2006, I began my week of eating nothing but monkey chow

The Monkey Chow Diaries

Article: Why can't you pay attention anymore?

Work Induced ADD No one really multitasks. You just spend less time on any one thing.

Celebrate all things...


This is just wrong

Adult Swim Reopens 'Pee-wee's Playhouse'

My, my. The little Demoncrats have introduced yet another military draft bill that they will probably blame on Bush

Thanks, Chuck!

Oddly Funny

Bunny Suicides

This was the day when 2,000 of the company's servers went down...

'Chaos' In UBS PaineWebber Attack

Alan Abel

Master Hoaxer

"He had on a white tunic, a beige leotard, and tights and boots..."

Galactic Pizza

They Want All Your Money

They make it easy for you to give that to them, as they accept credit cards

The Worlds First Inflatable Pub


194 Page Book About iPod Available For Free Download

The Free iPod Book 2.0

Get it while it is still around

Official Windows Vista Preview Download

Resistance is futile

My Little Golden Book About ZOGG

Err... Hitler... Cats...

Hitler Cats

More bizarre motorized transportation