Thursday, January 20, 2005

Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi - The Trailer Park

Yes it is old, but how many people have not yet seen Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi - The Trailer Park


YPL: Foam Down Nose Grease

Gmail Tips - The Complete Collection

Gmail Tips - The Complete Collection

What was that Zappa song?

Something about huskies and yellow snow. Write your name in the snow with pee

This is either a freaky scientific advance, or sheer nuttery

Worth a read, in either case, is Angel Light

Way to go!!!

That is what you get when you solve the FEMA TSUNAMI GAME
I'm glad my tax dollars are hard at work here. How about you?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Stonehenge Pocket Watch

Even more low tech than the nixie tube wrist watch I posted the other day. The Stonehenge Pocket Watch works about like you'd expect

Stop whining

Stop whining and go off on an Axe Gang Rampage instead.
Yeah, it is a game.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fight ! Kikkoman

Yes, this is old. But it amazes me how often something like this hasn't been seen by tons of people
Fight ! Kikkoman

pixeltees : welcome!

I'm not promoting their products, I just thought pixeltees was a neat idea

Did you know there is a forum dedicated to dupster diving?

Dumpster Diving Finds

What if LED and LCD display digital wristwatches had never been invented?

The Nixie Tube Wristwatch

Toilet sprayed to stop drug users

Hmm... According to this, spraying WD40 on toilet seats stops people from sniffing cocaine off of them

Welcome to Moe's!!!

Posted because the restaurant, being sued for misappropriating Jerry Garcia's image, is here in Atlanta, which may be of interest to some of my co-workers. Others may freely ignore - Jerry Garcia's heirs sue over burrito chain's use of his image - Jan 13, 2005

Screen props for sale

Dig into this site a bit - lots of cool Movie Items

Monday, January 17, 2005

Nice trick next time an annoying co-worker goes on vacation

General [M]ayhem - Fun With FOIL!

How may of these can we get shipped to Iraq?

Small but tough

The iPorn Portable HDD

The iPorn Portable HDD

I'd be yelling at this guy, too

Weatherman with some issues

Improve your communication skills

communication skills - zefrank

Cheat sheets, anyone?

Our Favorite Cheat Sheets - a definition

Hmm, didn't know the CIA had a homepage for kids

CIA Homepage for Kids - Ginger's CIA Adventure

It has all been a horrible trick...

The truth about sushi

Motoring - Ford's eye-popping 'bank vault' city car

Called the "Synus." How do you pronounce Synus?

Turning Windows into...



A widget that the geeks might have some fun with called Netcat
Although if it isn't clear to you what this does, don't play with it. It is a security hazard in the making. - Root of man's toothache turns out to be a 4-inch nail - Root of man's toothache turns out to be a 4-inch nail

Sunday, January 16, 2005