Saturday, July 16, 2005

Posted because of a phrase that appears on the target page...

Robotic camel jockeys

eBay Motors: Toyota : MR2

eBay Motors: Toyota : MR2 with a serious difference

Now this would make quite the conversation piece...

Triple Pistol Vase

Repalces ink carts for ink jet printers [cool idea!]

Niagara III Continuous Ink Flow System

The Aristocrats [yes, that horrible joke] done by SouthPark characters

Quite NSFW

Perfect to fire up on the computer in your cubicle, to annoy those around you

hiss of death performed by cat metal band litterbox live in concert - flash animation -

Note: Couch may require mowing

ReadyMade: Feature - Sprout a Couch: "Note: Couch may require mowing"

Kill some flies with this flash widget

:::: fly swatter ::::

How to make Google Earth Movies, for Free!�

Some Google Earth hackery - Your guide to FREE Live TV webcasts - Your guide to FREE Live TV webcasts

This keyboard looks freakin' cool!

What if you had an LCD display built into the keys, that could be customized to display various things... Optimus keyboard

Odd Japanese widget game... Set off an explosion and see how many 2ndary explosions you can set off

Chaos Theory - 2 Flash Games

Make sure to check out "How Did It Begin?"

The Tom Cruise Scientology Centre