Tuesday, May 31, 2005

the 5-in-1 network admin's cable

Very handy, easy and cheap to make: the 5-in-1 network admin's cable

Sunday, May 29, 2005

So I was at Publix, a super-market chain that may be familiar to some in the US...

And my helpful cashier was named Darshit. Err... Doesn't the government make them check that "Darshit" stuff during the visa process? I guess not.

Prom, with a difference

The prom outfits are all made out of duct tape... Stuck at Prom

Retarded Animal Babies do the latest Star Wars episode

Retarded Animal Babies 13

The world in the palm of their hands: Bilderberg 2005



Some funny flash, and some stupid stuff, over at headstaggers.com - Richard`s classy web site

Internet Explorer - We discovered the web

Internet Explorer - We discovered the web

What kind of statement are they making?

They dress up as vaginas, in public. Behold v a g i n a l a d y . c o m

DonkeyWatch webcam

No idea why someone did this, or why I'm posting it, but behold DonkeyWatch

Burning tanker truck goes kaboom on the freeway under a cloverleaf


You think your SUV has everything?

I bet it doesn't have a toilet. Fix that with indipod-the revolutionary sanitary system

"This is a place for all the dirty laundry of Syria."

Interesting blog over at Syria Exposed