Saturday, April 25, 2009



Looks like someone dropped the F-bomb


I'm guessing it teaches you to "Be the Fart."


Zombie attack!

My friend Duane *would* hit all 3 of 'em

That dude is so screwed


“The reason this guy loves New York is because it’s the only place where a white person can dress this way and not get his ass beat.”

Click the image for more.

Must be a government job...

Well hello there!


Can't decide if this is a WIN or a FAIL!

Protest FAIL!

If you don't get this one, google "sudo"

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Running and hiding after this one.

Wrestling FAIL!

Did they say tag-team or fag-team?

Sale FAIL!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Now THAT is art!


Brief, amusing tales of woe

Trucker FAIL!

One word + one picture says it all

A bill is expected to be introduced to Congress this week that would force retailers like eBay and to start collecting sales taxes

Call your congress-critter and raise hell!

California man pleads no contest in selling of daughter for $16,000

Seven years in jail, followed by deportation back to Mexico.

Nasty prank gone wrong

Warning: very gross!

Too short!

Please, no! Tell me this doesn't really happen!


Economics Lesson

Today is the day I stop tipping. I'm usually at 20%, but now I'm going to leave one of these Obama Dollars instead, with a short note on the back explaining that Obama took away the money I'd normally tip with. While this may seem a bit cruel, it makes the point that when the government takes from someone, it impacts everyone. Most people who receive tips are in some kind of service industry, are generally not highly compensated, and are at an economic tier that tends to support Obama and benefit from his "spreading the wealth around", so I think they are the appropriate targets for my "social activism." And if they bitch about it, I'll point out that this is a "teaching moment", and they should be thanking me for the economics lesson.