Saturday, September 16, 2006

The horror!!!

Made on the inside, to be worn on the outside

Convict labor + denim = Prison Blues

Burning Man 2006

As humorously described through the eyes of someone who really hated it

Midway Arcade Classics [your afternoon is now shot]

Online versions of Robotron, Defender, Sinistar, etc

Unfortunately named company?

ANUS LAPTOPS is a division of ANUS INTERNATIONAL, a well-reputed and well-known name in the world of laptop computers.

Their motto: "Put your business into their anus"

What time is it?

Not sure what is going on here


A photo tour of a Bolivian jail

Not exactly what you'd expect

Top 25 Viral Videos

This site tracks the top 25 viral videos of the moment

More Japanese oddness

The world's smallest self running record player doesn't need turntables but churns out music by driving round the record with a needle that is underneath the car. Razyworks

This week's installment of...

Global Warming Is Bullshit

Is it already that time of year again?

Talk Like A Pirate Day - 09/19

Sort of like a can opener, but where the "can" is a car door with a numeric button lock

de Bruijn sequence

This week, down at the mobile home park...

Woman, 73, guilty of neighbor's hammer murder

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bahk ohfff, retharrd!

Security Engineering - The Book

Available online, of course

Hot Rod Lincoln

One of the coolest, simple organizing tools you will ever see

All you need is a printer, a piece of paper, and PocketMod


Narrated photo essay about the "Grime" music scene in a London housing estate.

Iran behind the Khobar Towers bombing

More Clinton Administration ineptness

Letterman's Top Ten List Archive

Every one of them going back to 1993

New service [probably NSFW]

I just know you were trying to find a web site like this

Critiki - Worldwide Guide to Tiki Bars

Baseball Race

An online application that allows you to view any Major League Baseball season, split by league or division (even wild card races), as an animated, date-by-date race between the various teams you choose.

The International Center for Bathroom Etiquette


Buy one of these, then see if you can get your life insurance policy renewed

GEN H4 Personal Helicopter