Saturday, September 30, 2006

Religion of Peace

In the mood to learn something new?

UC Berkeley has a bunch of classes and seminars available via Google Video

Oddly funny

Top 176 Star Wars Lines Improved By Replacing A Word With "Pants"

Cell phone? Hell phone!!

An opinion piece from Wired

Bum Hand! Yay!!

Cute viral game

A Battlestar Galactica themed version of the classic Battleship game

Maybe it is named that because that's how a Chinaman says "Chevy."

DaimlerChrysler to import Chery subcompact automobiles, made in China

More animated distractions

Maps of War

The inner life of a cell

8 minutes of cool animation

Things that make you go "WTF?!?"

Between Treacherous Objects

Shoot the zombies before they kill you


6,000 pages of free legal news and guidance, mostly on IT and e-commerce issues


What's for dinner?

Odd site featuring over 1000 found grocery lists that someone scanned and put online

The physics of...

Cow Tipping

Into MythBusters?

Here you can find a number of episodes via Google Video

Converts what you type into "Kenny"


Bozpages are simple one-off pages of RSS feeds, so you can keep track of a bunch of feeds in one place


Another streaming TV site


12,000 locations and $30,000 later, his quest continues

This guy is on a mission to visit every Starbuck's

Not exactly my favorite comic, but...

Joe Mathlete explains today's Marmaduke cartoon in 500 words or less.

Robotic Frisbees of Death


Even some folks on the left are starting to get it - there is NO EXCUSE for Islamic terrorism

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Free online pregnancy test


Anonymously email a co-worker about their annoying habits


WTF pictures [NSFW]

Skin Hat

Funny magnets


Gotta love Chick publications, now updated to include:

New Demographics



Typical "progressive" conspiracy mongering, whereby a conclusion is asserted without referring to actual evidence, aka Ass-logic