Friday, September 24, 2010


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So *that's* what happened yesterday...

You have now seen the face of true evil, and it isn't Basement Cat...

R rated version of "Luke, I am your father."

Hmm, sounds like she might be someone I'd like to meet, then.



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Sometimes true

Someone isn't feeling very friendly...





Tuesday, September 21, 2010


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I'm thinking points for honesty won't be awarded...

100% true!

Damn straight!

Every damn day...


It really is this simple

This will come in handy at some point...

True dat!

Ghost Poo

A ghost poo is the ninja of the world of shit. It is rare, but I can testify that a healthy diet can produce one. It challenges your grasp on reality, because when you look in the bowl to see what you've done (don't worry, everyone does this) there is no smell and nothing there... puzzling enough, but when you wipe your arse it's already as clean as... well as clean as it ever was. The ghost poo is smooth and firm enough to be ejected with "toilet escape velocity" i.e. you shot it right around the u-bend. So it not only disappears but there is no lingering pong, as it only had a millisecond of exposure to the atmosphere. So... did you really poo?!? The only evidence is few unreliably changed synapses that are busy trying to work out more important stuff.

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Holy crap, I think I'm in love!


"....we thought we were well beyond the hot dogs-and-beans era of our lives..."

You can do it, and they can help!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Running Log

Decided on 6 miles today. I run on the Greenway here. That is a long concrete and boardwalk trail through the woods along a creek, just to put things in perspective. Parts of it are wooded. Parts are along meadows. It can be buggy, it is usually very humid, and since this is the South, it is also usually hot.

So I drive to the trail head I usually start at, arriving about an hour before my usual run time. Place is deserted, which is good because it means less traffic to dodge. I park, re-tie my shoes, slap the Croakies on my sunglasses, and jump out of the 4X4. I start walking to the G, getting my Garmin 405 synced with the sats, and manning up.

I hit the trail, and walk maybe 100 yards for gear adjustments. None are necessary today. I hit the start button on the 405 and take off.

First mile, I'm fighting pace down. I want to run a bazillion MPH, but need to keep that in check.

Second mile, I'm starting to get into the groove. Still fighting the pace down, but starting to get into the 10 minute mile groove, and working on getting a rhythm.

Third mile, I'm mostly dialed in and clocking miles. That same beat rocks through about the start of mile 6. During the first half of mile 6, my pace starts slacking and I'm starting to get a little bonky, but push through it. I pick the pace back up, and drive the mile pace down back into mid-10's. Finish, hit the timer, ponder doing another mile, then decide that is enough for today.

Addendum: No fuel before, no fuel during, and no water either. Just woke up, got dressed, stretched, and ran it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arrr, me nearly forgot that today is a special day, argh!


If you don't watch Pawn Stars, you won't get this

Trolled by the cat!

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Yo, dawg!

Hell yeah!

I used to ask myself this as a kid, too!

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